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Dear School Heads,

Reduce teacher attrition, while increasing student performance and engagement in lessons

Working in a best fit environment ensures teachers stay longer, and when they leave all student data from lessons stays.

What we do

We make it easier to use questions in lesson, then use these questions to enable quicker more data driven decisions in schools.

Ease of Recording and Utilising Data in Lesson

The teachers need not do much more than they do to plan lessons, but can use pre recorded questions to measure engagement and understanding in lesson.

Tracking & Progress

Our App uses AI to immediately measure the engagement and responses in lesson to suggest best fit of teacher to student as well as predict future performance.

Student Involvement

Using pre determined questions, the students can feedback to the teacher in real time, confident that the teacher will be able to assist them in lesson when they need help the most.

Reliable Results

Personalised Student outcomes during lesson helps the teacher make quick decisions and well as assist the school with putting in place early intervention.

Connection to Home

Education is now more community based with parents able to keep track of the progress their children are making in Real Time with an option to receive an automated weekly progress report.


Trialing in High Schools in the UK

We are helping schools be more proactive in their decision making by having data before they need it, recorded automatically. Working with 2 Pilot schools we have recorded an increase in engagement and up to 20% increase in performance in lesson. Our trial is mainly focused on assessment in lesson

Assessment in Lesson

Use our App to Check progress in lesson and make quick informed decisions, while predicting future performance.

Behaviour in Lesson

Use our App to measure engagement in lesson and track behaviour for learning at the same time. Note different effects on student behaviour based on various outise factors.

Attendance in Lesson

Use our App to compare effect of Attendance on student engagement and performance. Send updates automatically to the rest of school and home.

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Track your progress in lesson and see the rest of the school blossom!

Imagine if the teacher, the school, the student and the parents are all in sync in REAL TIME!
What would that mean for your school?
Our App ensures education is more proactive, data driven and community driven. Ensuring reduced workload, reduced expenditure and increased performance.

  • Assessment
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance

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Some Insights

‘The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed – it needs to be transformed.’
In Memory of 1950 – 2020; Sir Ken Robinson


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Head Teachers





What people say about us

‘Most EdTech tools are rarely focused on Teachers, School and Parents as a complete Synergy. E-spaces has thought of all the factors that are important to enable students to achieve their best’

Paul Wilson
Head Teacher
“When I first took up my position as the Head of the school in Singapore, we searched no end for a product that would meet all the needs of the stakeholders and we simply could not find a product. This product is revolutionary”
Julien Brunoir
“It was such a pleasure to be a part of the pilot, the teacher and the students had so much praise for the app, I have no doubt that when it comes out we are sure to use it in all our classes because it really helped to increase engagement and focus in lessons.”
Year 8 – Student
Class Representative
“I usually put my hand up in lesson but am always afraid of getting the answer wrong and everyone laughing at me, by using this app I felt so good that only my teacher would see what my response was and then help me.”

Let’s Build Something Together

Change does not happen without taking Big, Bold Steps.
That is why we are going BIG.
Does your school want to help students enjoy their learning experience, work better with parents and reduce staff attrition?