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Our story

Let’s Change How We Manage Our Schools

Each Year Schools spend over £160k on supply and recruitment costs to replace another teacher who has left, while a third of all teachers are leaving the profession after being in it for just 5 years something has gone horribly wrong….

Company Values

Teachers are assets

Research shows that the happier a teacher is the better the student learns. Teachers go into the profession with enthusiasm but live with mental health challenges.

Students are the future

Students are far ahead of our system, and our education system is stuck in the industrial age.

Learning is a Community Affair

The best learning happens when everyone is involved, teachers, parents, management are all in sync

Schools are the ‘extended family’

Learning has not changed from the days we sat around a fire and the ‘elders’ taught us about life.
This is really what school should be about.
Gentle guidance, and continuity with who guides the students. The Same educators when they begin should be there when the student leaves – or at least their gentle guiding thoughts!


Our Team

Our team is composedof educators, public sector sales, edtech enthusiasts, parents, all on a mission to bring huge changes to the education landscape

Let’s Build Something Together

Change does not happen without taking Big, Bold Steps.
That is why we are going BIG
Does your school want to help students enjoy their learning experience, work better with parents and reduce staff attrition?